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* Communications Consultancy and Public Relations

* Media and Social Network Content

* Press Conference and Event Organization

* Cultural and Editorial Projects Development


in the fields

• Visual Arts

• Citizenship

• Cinema

• Interior decoration

• Education

• Gastronomy

• Hospitality

• Literature

• Music

• Theatre

• Tourism



Innovate through the essence


Established in 2007, Baobá Comunicação is an agency specialized in promoting and developing projects in the fields of culture, hospitality, tourism and lifestyle.

With a team of professionals who are fully aligned with the values and goals of the organization, Baobá has vast experience in the organizing events and managing social networks as well as providing advice services for brands, cultural producers, hotel chains and tourism representatives.

Like the legendary Baobab tree, which is a source of inspiration for creativity and fulfillment, the company relies on solid foundations to understand and analyze the expectations and desires of its customers. The agency is highly sensitive about the relationship and the ongoing communication as well as behaviortrends - from concept to delivery, from planning to experience.

As a core value, Baobá believes in a creative and cooperative economy, in which individualstake part in the smart production of culture and experiences, as well as in democratic access to the outcomes of such work and knowledge. We consider communications as a sum of processes, in which the citizen is part of the essence of the service or product, developing an ethical and natural relationship with it.

In this continuous growth process of our symbol-tree, the agency keeps moving in tune with the times–the energy that makes the baobab its dwelling place.

The Baobab tree


After 25 years working for large companies, I decided it was time to have ‘time’ – ‘Time’ is also one of the names given to African god Iroco, part of the African pantheon of deities revered in Brazil. ‘Time’ can only live in open spaces, with freedom, respecting his own nature. He represents of what is archaic and dynamic in men, his own existence and his relation with the divine is rooted in nature.

“Tempo” is always represented by big trees, like jackfruits and mango trees. When I was thinking about the company's name, a grand Baobab came to my mind with its robust roots entering the ground, a clear allusion to firm spirits and values.

The Baobab is quite common in the African island of Madagascar, an African island, as well as in Australia and can live for six thousand years. Its leaves only show between July and January, and it can reach between 5 and 25 meters with trunks of about seven meters in diameter.

There are not many in Brazil. Some were brought by African priests and planted in specific locations for worshiping. They can be found in Natal (in the state of Rio Grande do Norte) and in public spaces in Rio de Janeiro. In state capital of Pernambuco, Recife, I was lucky to embrace ‘Time' during a visit to the Sítio de Pai Adão, where I was warmly received by Manoel Papai. Also in Recife there’s a grand Baobab at Praça da República. It is known as the inspiration for the French writer Saint-Exupéry's classic “The Little Prince”.

Baobá Comunicação, Cultura e Conteúdo is inspired by that tree’s shadow, quietness and peace of mind that helps us listen to the voice of ‘Time’, the language of the wind and the song by Caetano Veloso.


I ask permission from the forces of nature and our ancestors to use the power of achievement Baobá Comunicação, Cultura e Conteúdo proposes: a walk that respects the time of things, their values and meanings, and that has as a grand vision the spread and democratisation of our cultural and artistic production as well as the savoir-faire that runs through tough times with a firm hand, persistence and an ever-present smile and bravery.



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